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Geretsrieder company simulates sun in the space


Spacy: For the Russian aerospace the Geretsrieder company BF Engneering has developed and built a sun simulation system under space conditions

photographed by BF Engineering GmbH

Geretsried – A sun-simulation system under space conditions is the latest project of Thomas Breuer and his team from BF Engineering.  Some days ago, all parts were delivered to the Russian Space-Center SAMARA by a special transport.
With his company BF Engineering, built in 2010, a subsidiary of BF Maschinen GmbH, Thomas Breuer is working in different fields of sun-simulation worldwide. In the past several projects for the automotive industry were realized. For example the sun of Africa is shining in a testchamber in Ingolstadt. Vehicles of the latest generation are exposed to a number of different climatic conditions for 19 weeks and have finally reached an age of 12 years. This means the ageing process is accelerated to test new materials and techniques. Thereby complex and expensive recall campaigns can be avoided.
Now BF Engineering has developed and manufactured a sun-simulation system under space conditions for the Russian aerospace. Thereby satellites are tested at minus 200 degrees Celsius and 100 percent vacuum at space-center Samara. As the satellite circles around the earth and is exposed to a day and night rhythm, the challenge was huge for BF Engineering.  A performance test in Geretsried has assured all involved parties. In February specialists from BF Engineering will set up the system and put into operation.

photographed by BF Engineering GmbH. The picture shows (from left): Stanislav Kutepov (Project Manager), Andreya Sergeev (Director SFERO), Alexander Kvetkin (Engineer), Stefan Riebl (Director BF Engineering), Evgeny Lukin (Leading Engineer), Alexey Sochivko (Director Aerospace Samara), Thomas Breuer (Director BF) and Marco Moscetti (Project Engineer)

Article from Isar-Loisachbote/ Geretsrieder Merkur, January 08, 2012


Sustainable in all respects

At the third meeting of enegy rebound Oberland and Economic forum at abbey Benediktbeuern there was a premiere: For the first time the price of sustainability was awarded – to BF Maschinen from Geretsried

photographed by Matthäus Krinner/ Tölzer Kurier

Benediktbeuern – The whole afternoon in the baroque hall the subject was “sustainably acting in Oberland”. Therefor the hosting organizations could acquire renowned speakers  - primarily Prof. Franz Josef Rademacher, leader of Research establishment for application-oriented knowledge engineering. Rademacher   became known as promotor of eco-social market economy, which is setting on a balance of ecological, social and economical sustainability. He brought with him 30 proposals, what all of us can do – according to the African saying: “If many little people do many little things, it will change the world.” To the suggestions belong things like eating less meat and fish, to make holiday nearby more often and being less on your own benefit.
The three pillars of sustainability propagated by Rademacher are the focus at BF Maschinen under the leading of Thomas Breuer. Presenter and mayor Cornelia Irmer referred of each individual.
The company, founded 1994, is constructing and designing machining and welding lines for plastic parts and shows that ecology and economy can be connected together optimally.
Through the products, for example delivered to automotive industry, high energy savings are possible. Even the company is using resources sparingly: It starts with economical water consumption and ends with the use of green electricity. Through which all 60 000 kilo CO2 can be saved annually – 30% of the previous value, said Irmer.
Even the social sustainability will not miss. It began 2005, as Breuer bought out the area of the insolvent company in immediate vicinity and appointed all 14 technicians that have become unemployed. “Can you imagine, how sustainable this affected to the employees?” asked Irmer. In addition Breuer gives application trainings at grammar school and offers extensive trainee programs. He also offers teenagers without graduation an apprenticeship. He gives every young person a chance which is willing to learn and work. Breuer therefore is “more than worthy” to receive the first price of sustainability.
To the applause of the audience district administrator Josef Niedermaier and Irmer handed over the coil which was designed by grammar school pupil Nadine Baumann from Geretsried and manufactured by artist metalworker Christian Funk from Reichersbeuern. To engross the thought of sustainability it gave a tree withal.
Article from Isar-Loisachbote/ Geretsrieder Merkur, December 02, 2011


Thomas Breuer feels honoured

BF Maschinen is nominated for the „Great Award of Medium-sized Companies“

Geretsried – since 1994 at the 15th times the „Great Award of Medium-sized Companies“ will be awarded this year. BF Maschinen was invited to Würzburg to the splendid gala with more than 600 guests.

The economic supporting member of Geretried, Mr. Wolfgang Wittmann, has nominated the company to the distribution of the award. 3,366 medium-sized German companies of all sizes, branches and ownerships were nominated.1028 of them achieved level 2 of the competition, among them also BF Maschinen from Geretsried. BF Maschinen was invited to the award to Würzburg together with nearly 410 competitors from Bavaria, Baden- Württemberg, Hesse and Thuringia.

„We won no Oskar“, Thomas Breuer, the managing director, informed. „But the nomination alone is already an honour and recognition of the results obtained by BF-Maschinen.“That level 2 has been achieved this year, „is a great honour for us and confirms our business philosophy“, according to Mr. Breuer. This confirms that we are on the right way.
Article from Münchner Merkur, October 02/03/04, 2009

Best of Bavaria

BF Maschinen has got the Bavarian Economy Award

This company demonstrates, how it can run well. BF Maschinen GmbH belongs to the „Best 50“ of Bavaria. The managing director Mr. Thomas Breuer awarded the honour by Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Martin Zeil. Outstanding performance regarding growth, turnover, innovation and engagement in qualification are considered as criterions by the auditor company Ernst & Young.

Thomas Breuer (47) founded BF Maschinen GmbH 1994, at first as a 2-men company. Since that time the number of staff and the turnover grew up steadily, mostly in 2005. The company designs and constructs processing- and welding units for plastic parts. „To win the customer by technical advance“, that's the magic formula of Mr. Breuer.

The determing factor of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Zeil, was the exceptional spirit of the industrialist: „In the actual economic situation we need more than ever industrialists with the intention of efficiancy, reasonable in undertaking risks and with industrial foresight“, he said during the award. The real entrepreneur Mr. Breuer adopts the economic crises as challenge in that way: „We will pass the time for development in technology“, he says. „Then we can win points, when it will go up.“

He believes in the investment for the youth very much. In the moment BF Maschinen has 8 young apprentices for industrial- and construction mechanic and in September further 2 juveniles will join. Mr. Breuer is very proud of his complete staff, which has given a substantial support to gain the enterpreneurial award.

Article from the Wolfratshauser SZ – Separate print „To live and work in the region, July th, 2009

Innovative in the period of financial crisis

That's why BF Maschinen in Geretsried belongs to the Best 50 Bavarian companies

Geretsried – BF Maschinen is to be classed to „Bavaria's Best 50“. The Geretsrieder company is to be awarded with the prize by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Martin Zeil, as one of fifty enterprises in Bavaria. In spite of the present economic crisis the company continues to engage, said Mr. Breuer, the managing director and co-founder.

Criterions for the prize are such as apprenticeship training positions, the turnover, number of staff and the innovation performance. The development of the past five years are mentioned in the rating. For this period the Geretsrieder company was able to show considerable numerals, which convinced the jury. So the company nearly doubled its turnover and also its profit before tax and interests from 2004 to 2009. The number of staff nearly multiplies by five. Five years ago the manufacturer of special purpose-made equipment had 12 employees, today there are working more than 50. Also the possibilities for apprenticeships were extended continually. The first apprentice started to work in the company in 2005; today there are nine, one is a woman, who will be trained to industrial mechanic or cutting machine operator.

Mr. Breuer looks positively in the future, although BF Maschinen was not to be unaffected by the economic crisis. So end of November 2008 an order of a big automotive manufacturer was cancelled, which would had utilized the Geretsrieder company by 70 percent to March 2009. „We have used the given time to force innovations. A new patent will be applied shortly“, commented Thomas Breuer the innovation performance arised from the difficulties. In the meantime the company disembarked a new order, thus the capacities are filled for the next months.

Beneath the motor industry the 1994 founded company has also orders from the pharmaceutical industry and the air- and spacecraft industry. The prize „Bavaria's Best 50“ now assists the company to acquire new orders, according Mr. Breuer. At least it is not only important for the orderer, who gives a low quotation but also that the company guarantees reliability. Above all the prize motivates the staff. Because the prize demonstrates, that they had done good work and they can be proud of it. Thomas Breuer also wants to state, that the prize was not gained alone by himself, but the complete staff with its support has led to the success.
Article from the Wolfratshauser SZ dated July 8, 2009

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