Finishing machine for plastic filler pipes

Plastic processing

Requested profile

Machining-, welding- and control procedures at 3 filler pipe variants


Cycle time 30 s per piece
Peak production: 2,400 pieces/day


Due to the time-consuming hot plate welding process a machine using circulating pallets with two-track system has been chosen, that means, there will be a parallel finishing/parallel welding of several pieces at continuous output according FIFO (first in first out).

Manual inserting of the filler pipes, automatic feeding of welding parts, manual removal of the finished pieces. Integrated pallet storage tower with automatic feeding of the pallets depending on the variants.


High flexibility by a modular design of the production line, short change-over times of the machine in case of re-fitting of new variants by offline production and set-up of the respective pallets. Integration of quality control (CAQ) with data collection of all quality-related parameters.