Reaching For The Sun

BF Engineering – Reaching For The Sun

"Reaching for the sun" is BF Engineering's motto. Solar simulation is a shining example of its achievements.

Simulating extreme environmental conditions puts materials and quality claims to the test. Well-known automotive manufacturers from around the globe use the simulation method developed by BF Engineering and value it as an indispensable tool for testing their vehicles to the limits.

Frank Irnich is also someone who likes to test his limits. In May 2011, he climbed the world's highest mountain - Mount Everest - for the second time. The BF Group acted as a sponsor for the ambitious mountain climber's daring project. Thomas Bauer, Director, recognizes parallels between these two worlds which couldn’t be more different, but nevertheless both confront extremes.

Inrich's late mountain climbing career began in 2006. Climbing to the top of the Zugspitze in sneakers triggered his passion for dizzying heights. After ascending numerous summits in the Alps, Africa, and South America, he put Mount Everest on his agenda for the first time in 2010. Neither the abortion of the ascent at 8,300 meters, nor the loss of his climbing companion prevented the 49 year old from taking on the challenge once again.

On May 20, 2011, Inrich once more set out to conquer the peak of the 8,848 meter high giant via the North Route. He departed from Camp III at 8,300 meters at 11 p.m. Experience, stamina, and endurance all contribute to his success. After another 550 meters’ ascent and nine hours of climbing, he reached the summit! Despite a freezing minus 45 degrees Celsius, he spent an hour enjoying the top of the majestic eight-thousander.

Thanks to its many years of experience, another business division of the BF Group can defend its prominent position in the global market: BF Maschinen GmbH with its motto "leading through experience" is considered to be one of the foremost specialists in the machinery industry. Competence, vision, and a highly qualified team of experts make it the preferred supplier in this sector.