Flexible finishing machine

for various filler pipes.

Precision by robot with high flexibility results in this efficient round table machine.

Requested profile

All finishing-, welding- and test procedures shall be done in one machine at 4 different filler pipes.
Output: 70 filler pipe/hour
             1,400 pieces/day


Round table machine with 3 robots
Manual insert of the filler pipes, the assembly components and the welded parts, manual taking out of the finished pieces.


100 percent fulfillment of the specifications, to minimize the finishing times by using robot technology, high flexibility for amendments of customer and supplements.

Customer's comment

"The complete unit looks like super! I think, we have arranged the correct plan. The filler pipe machine is fantastic.

Welding units should only be worked as robot units. Congratulations for this machine.“

R.L., customer's project manager